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To begin enrollment, we ask that you come onto our campus for a tour.

Currently, we are on an eight to twelve month waiting list for most full time classrooms. The waiting list is set up by a first come first serve basis. Your place on this list is strictly dictated by the date you signed up for the list. When your child becomes too old for the current classroom list, his or her name is moved to the next classroom list. However your child will go on the new classroom list based on the original wait list date. If we have not heard from parents after being on the waiting list for a year, we will remove the child from the list. You must come in for a tour in order to be placed on the waiting list.

We do not schedule tours. We have an open door policy and want you to see things the way they truly are and not set up or rehearsed for a tour. If you would like a tour, please stop by anytime and we will set you up with a host. If you would like to see the classrooms and children interacting with the teachers, you will not want to visit during lunch and nap time, which is between the hours of 11:30 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.

For more information, you can contact us here. For Tuition rates please tap the Tuition & Forms Tab above in Menu.

Operation Hours: Monday – Friday, 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Address: 9607 State Road 70 E, Bradenton FL, 34202
Phone: 941-753-8588 


1. Tour
‍The admissions process begins with a tour.  Touring, meeting our teachers and seeing our program first hand is truly the best way to understand all that Woodland Elementary Academy has to offer.  Tours generally last between 30-45 minutes and can be arranged at times that are convenient to your schedule.  

2. Application
If your family decides that Woodland Elementary Academy is the best option for your child the next step is to complete an application.  There is a $25 application fee.  The application must be submitted with the most recent report card, standardized testing, and any relevant educational information including evaluations or Individual Education Plans if applicable. APPLY HERE: 

3. Shadow Day/Classroom Visit
After applying, your child will be scheduled for a shadow day during which they will participate in the classroom and experience the feel of our school.  The faculty are provided an opportunity to interact with your child and provide a preliminary reading and math assessments.  It is a great way to determine if Woodland Elementary Academy is the best fit for your child.

4. Admissions Committee Review
Your student’s application will be considered by the admissions committee.  A determination is made relative to enrollment and the parent is notified of the committee’s decision via email or letter.  If a student is invited to attend, you will receive an enrollment packet.  A $250 enrollment fee is required at the time of enrollment to secure your placement along with a $75 registration fee.

For Tuition rates please tap the Tuition & Forms Tab above in Menu.

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