Dunn Prep Academy

"A School within a School for Students with Dyslexia, Reading and Language Challenges and Unique Abilities"

Dunn Prep is a “school within a school.”
It is a place where students who need extra support can be a part of a typical classroom and school, without being left behind and are able to receive the instruction that they need. We have staff who come along side students and meet their needs. We are especially equipped to work with students who are dyslexic, have reading and language challenges. We follow an Orton Gillingham approach that teaches the explicit rules of language using multisensory sensory and small group instruction.

Dunn Prep Staff

Exceptional Student Education Teacher: This educator pulls small groups, designs instructional and education goals, works with teachers to consult and plan specific instruction strategies for specific standards that students may be struggling to meet.

Social Thinking and Emotional Intelligence Coach: This educator works on strategies for motivation, executive function and focus, anxiety, perseverance, helping students understand how the brain works and how they can use strategies to make the most of learning. Social thinking and learning how to navigate and learn in a community are also offered along with strategies for emotional regulation.

Speech and Language Specialist: We provide the classroom and resources for this staff position. We partner with the Manatee County School District who provides the funding for the salary.

Occupational Therapist: We contract with an OT to provide therapy for students who need this kind of support as well as focus, emotional regulation and executive function.

Tuition and Scholarships for Dunn Prep

For students who receive the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities the tuition is $10,200 per year.

The scholarship includes:
- Registration Fee
- School Supply Fee
- $800 for Tutoring: Summer Programs or Special Programs
- Tuition
- ESE Support Staff

Parents can go to Stepupforstudents.org and read about how to qualify and apply for the Family Empowerment for Unique Abilities.