Woodland Early Childhood Center
Friday, February 21, 2020

Dunn Prep


Woodland Early Childhood Center has joined with the Brad Dunn Foundation to create a private elementary school that will provide personalized education for individual children. Currently we have kindergarten through 5th grade class for the 2018/2019 school year. The Brad Dunn Foundation has made the significant investment in classroom materials, technology, curriculum materials, and classroom furniture, but more importantly teacher training and funds for attracting exceptional teachers.  The Brad Dunn foundation is committed to making sure that all children are successful and that means teaching to the individual.  Years of research and the personal experience of the Dunn’s has proven that the Orton-Gillingham approach to education is highly effective.  Explicit instruction with multisensory activities that are designed to meet the individual learning style of each child is the hallmark of this philosophy. 


Philosophy of Education

We believe that learning is a profoundly unique experience and that each child should be given instruction and opportunities to observe, discern and discover that fit their individual learning style with a multisensory approach.  Because learning is individual, assessment of that learning must also be individual.  We will use a whole child approach to assessment, including formal standardized testing as well as portfolio and practical application to assess achievement. 


Woodland Early Childhood Center and Primary School are accredited by the Florida Association of Christian College and Schools.  We enroll infants through 1st graders in our childcare, preschool and primary elementary school and kindergarten through 5th graders in our afterschool and summer programs.  The Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools as well as local fire officials regularly inspect the school to ensure that we comply with all rules, regulations and guideline required by the state of Florida and the Department of Education.

Requirements for Admission

1.    Children who are 5 years old on or before September 1st in August of the same year may be registered for             Kindergarten.

2.    School Entry Health Form:  A health history and medical examination form must be on file for each child.                This must be done by an attending physician.  This form is good for two years, at which time it will need to be        renewed.

3.    Certificate of Immunization

4.    Birth Certificate

5.    Enrollment Form

6.    Emergency Medical Release Form

General Information

            School Hours:      8:25 AM-3:15 PM

                                           Before School Program 6:30 AM-8:25 AM

                                           Afterschool Program 3:15 PM- 6:00 PM

 We follow the Manatee County School calendar 


We strive to maintain an affordable yet appropriate tuition structure and appreciate the commitment our parents make to send their student(s) to Dunn Preparatory.  We  encourage all interested applicants, regardless of financial status to inquire about tuition assistance.  More than 97% of our parents receive some amount of scholarship funds.  It is well worth the effort to apply for a scholarship.  Dunn Preparatory accepts Mckay, Step Up For Students and PLSA state sponsored scholarships.  Please call and ask to speak to Jennifer Passmore about specific tuition information


For more information or to register, contact WECC at 941-753-8588 or email  Jennifer Passmore at jennifer@gowoodland.com.