Woodland Early Childhood Center
Friday, February 21, 2020

Two Year Preschool

The curriculum focuses on language arts and literacy, mathematics, social and emotional development, and gross and fine motor development. Through theme based learning centers and activities the children are provided opportunities to develop these skills.

Children at this stage should be adding at least 300 words during this time. Our teachers encourage oral language by labeling the environment, providing lots of opportunity for conversation, repeating the child’s attempts and then modeling and adding to their attempts. In mathematics teachers set up play experiences where children will make a one to one correspondence which is the bases for counting. For example, in house keeping the teacher may have a tray of pretend cookies and a spatula. The teacher would then talk to the child and show them one cookie on one spatula. She will model and then talk the child through the play. The child is motivated to practice because it seems like play, but the teacher knows that this is really practice for naming a numeral to one object and a necessary benchmark that later mathematical concepts will be built upon. 

 Learning centers and activities are play opportunities that are designed to teach or practice a benchmark. Children will attend and practice longer when the bench mark is “hidden” in the play activity. An example of a play opportunity that has a bench mark embedded would be the teacher who freezes plastic dinosaurs in large blocks of ice. The children are given play hammers and asked to hammer the ice to free the animals. When they hammer they are building fine motor muscles in their wrist and fingers that are necessary for writing and correctly holding a pencil. Because they perceived the activity as play and found it exciting, they practice the skill for much longer.