Woodland Early Childhood Center
Friday, February 21, 2020

Outdoor Classroom




What Is The Outdoor Classroom? 

It is an extension of the classroom. When children go outside for playground time, they will have choices in the outdoor classroom. We know that the more time and opportunity children spend engaged in a learning environment the stronger they develop skills and knowledge. We want to make sure that all parts of their day is rich in activities that will promote development even the playground.


It Can Be Messy! 

One of the reasons this classroom is on the playground is that the outdoors gives us the opportunity to do things that the inside classroom just can’t. One of those things is the ability to make a mess. Please make sure that you are sending your child in comfortable easy to wash clothing. 



Outdoor Classroom Teacher 

This is a fully functional classroom and therefore we have a teacher dedicated to lesson plans, preparation and the teaching. Ms. Sherry is this teacher. Your child’s teacher will assist with the activities.